Guardian As A Construction Contractor

Total Project Solutions
Exclusive to Guardian Infrastructure, every project implements a unique design-build process known as “Total Project Solutions”, or TPS. The TPS process focuses on teamwork and collaboration among our expert design professionals to achieve your specific design criteria, while closely monitoring up-front costs and long term operational efficiencies.

Mr.Ganesh M.P and Mr.Keshav.K have passed lot of hurdles on their path .The core teams of engineers, designers, architects, managers have etched their artisanship promptness and after-sales service towards all the projects that the company has completed till date. Starting with a basic enquiry to various negotiations until the handing over process is complete. The team has been successful in bringing prosperity to its customers in all over the past 8 years. The future has many challenges and opportunities as well. They would be explored and implemented towards the growth of the company.

If you are considering Buildings and Villas, I invite you to join the ever increasing number of Clients who have DISCOVERED EXCELLENCE You will find that our team is dedicated to you achieving YOUR dreams and exceeding YOUR expectations.
– Ganesh M.P – M.D